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Surgical Suction Unit

We provide high efficiant Surgical Suction Unit, which is available with two Unbreakable Poly Carbonate Collection Jars each with a capacity 2000ml. Due to some of the following salient features, our Medical Suction Unit has achieved a distinct edge in the global market.

  • ABS Lid with over flow safety valve
  • Special 3-way valve provided to operate either left hand side or right hand side and also both can be operated simultaneously
  • Regulator provided to control the negative pressure from 0 to 700 mm/Hg. with ON /OFF knob
  • All the items assembled on an Aluminum powder coated trolley with castors for ease of mobility
  • With 1m high-pressure hose at inlet and 2m low pressure hose at collection end of the jar.

Demanded by

  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Hospital Consultant companies
  • Hospital Architects
  • Hospital Construction companies