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Alarm System

Analog Gas Alarm Systems

Analog Gas Alarm Systems come in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 gas categories where the number indicates the number of gases the system can handle. The system contains analog meters for displaying pressure of the different gases coming from the pipe lines. The system generates appropriate alarm in case of High pressure or Low Pressure in any gas. These alarms come with RS-485 Modbus interface for BMS connectivity. One NO/NC terminal is built-in for alarm extension and provision is made for adding external NO/NC interface for each gas individually.

  • The audio alarms will become active in case of any abnormality in the pressure and can be acknowledged by pressing the MUTE button provided in the system
  • The audio alarm will restart automatically in case the pressure does not come back to the normal range within 30 minutes, thus reminding the user that the fault is still unattended