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Control Pipeline System

We offer high efficacy Medical Gas Control and Automatic Changeover, which is highly acknowledged in the national as well as international markets. We have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the overruling central pipeline for Oxygen Supply System in India. Made as per international standards, our Oxygen Supply System is highly demanded due to its distinctive features mentioned below :

Control Panel

Fully Automatic
Control Panel (Analog)

Fully Automatic
Control Panel (Digital)

3 Source Fully Automatic
Control Panel

Automated Control panel is a panel attached to 2-4 banks having multiple gas cylinders. Automated Control Panel System contains analog pressure meter for displaying pressure of each incoming bank and mainline gas pressure. As soon as the gas in one bank runs below set pressure, it sounds an alarm and switches to the other bank. Specific colored LED lights indicate the bank in use and the bank on standby. The device also indicates whether the gas pressure is in normal or low along the banks and the mains. The Digital Automated Control Panel displays actual pressure in each bank. The feature of parallel system is available in which multiple displays are placed at different locations (or floors) which also show the same indicators as in the main system. These panels come with RS- 485 Modbus interface for BMS connectivity. Provision is made for adding external NO/NC interface for each bank individually. GSM Gateway can monitor the status of each Automated Control Panel and report status as desired

  • Twin Banks Cylinder Oxygen Manifold suitable to withstand a pressure of 150 Kg/cm2 High pressure copper annealed tail pipes with end Brass adapter suitable for Oxygen Cylinders and manifold.
  • Top frame comprising of high pressure copper pipes of size 1/2” I.D. x 15swg high pressure brass fittings made of high tensile brass and connections through non- return valves ; high pressure copper tail pipes, made of high pressure copper pipe of size 1/4” I.D. x 15 swg
  • The middle and bottom frame fits both round and flat bottom cylinders safely
  • The manifold is tested (hydraulically) at 3500 psig
  • Fully / Semi Automatic Control Panel with two first stage regulators, each capable of delivering 120 psig outlet pressure
  • The First stage regulator connected to the second stage regulator, delivers an outlet pressure of 60 psi. The First two regulators meant for first stage are capable of switchover system incorporated from “Running” to “Reserve” bank due to differential pressure
  • The Control Panel provided for two individual content contact pressure gauges to indicate the cylinder pressure in the two wings of the manifold and common pressure gauges to indicate the delivery/line pressure
  • Control panel has audio alarm for bank changeover
  • The control panel has built in signal lamp indications for changeover and covered with suitable cover indicating the respective services.

Demanded by

  • Hospitals
  • Hospital Consultant companies
  • Hospital Construction companies
  • Hospital Architects
  • Nursing Homes